Twixt Bridges, Meadow Lane, Little Haywood, ST18

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Discover the epitome of rural sophistication with this beautifully renovated five-bedroom detached dorma bungalow, nestled in the quaint village of Little Haywood, Staffordshire. Boasting a complete high-standard refurbishment, this property is a sanctuary of style and comfort in the heart of England's charming countryside.

Little Haywood, a historical village cited in the Domesday Book of 1086, is a gem in Staffordshire. It's a community where the English Midlands meet Liverpool, with easy access via the A51 but spared the bustle of through traffic thanks to a convenient bypass. This serene village, set on the hillside and surrounded by the lush valleys of the Rivers Trent and Sow, offers an idyllic setting near the edge of The Chase, embraced by farmland and steeped in geological history with its Triassic sandstone and glacial deposits.

The property itself sits as a testament to elegant living, boasting a generous entrance hall that leads to an exquisitely designed open-plan kitchen, complete with a utility room and guest WC. The ground floor also features a lounge and three double bedrooms, one with an ensuite, alongside a separate shower room. Furthermore there is an unfinished extension just off the kitchen diner, with plans. Ascend to the first floor to discover a vast master bedroom with a dedicated dressing room and an expansive bathroom, including both a shower cubicle and a luxurious roll-top bath, alongside another double bedroom.

Step outside to immerse yourself in the property's outdoor charm, with ample space for landscaping dreams to take flight. The village life of Little Haywood orbits around its historic public houses and the nearby Trent and Mersey Canal, offering a slice of England's rich waterway heritage.

This home is not just a residence but a piece of Staffordshire's heartland, a short drive from the market town of Stafford and a stone's throw from the natural beauty of Cannock Chase, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Little Haywood

Open Plan Kitchen Dining Area (9.74 (9.73) x 5.35 (5.36))

This stunning open-plan kitchen and living area that exemplifies modern living with a classic twist. As you step into this expansive space, the natural light cascades in through the skylights, casting a warm glow across the elegant oak flooring that stretches throughout the room.

The kitchen area is a chef's delight, boasting sleek, dark cabinetry contrasted beautifully with a pristine white counter top. High-end integrated appliances, including double ovens, sit flush against the walls, optimizing the space for both cooking and entertaining. The central island not only provides additional preparation space but also houses a wine cooler, ensuring your favourite vintage is always at the perfect temperature.

The living area seamlessly connects, offering a stylish yet comfortable space for relaxation. A contemporary, freestanding log burner adds a cosy ambience for those cooler evenings, while the large, geometric wall clock serves as a chic focal point. The dining zone, with its sophisticated grey-toned furniture, is perfectly positioned near the bi-folding doors, allowing meals to be bathed in the tranquillity of the garden views.

This space is not just a feast for the eyes; it is thoughtfully designed with comfort in mind, from the plush armchairs to the strategically placed lighting, which creates an inviting atmosphere at any time of day. Whether you're hosting a grand dinner party or enjoying a quiet night in, this open-plan kitchen and living area is the heart of the home, promising memories to be cherished for years to come.

Furthermore there are sleek bluetooth speakers built into the ceilings for home entertainment.

Access from the dining area, there is an unfinished extension, intended to be a snug lounge with plans.

Lounge (5.33 x 3.65 (3.66))

This inviting lounge is tastefully designed to accommodate both relaxation and entertainment, presented with permanent fixtures suitable for everyday comfort. The room is primed for a flat-screen TV, with a dedicated space on the wall that ensures an optimal viewing experience from various angles within the room. Elegant recesses add architectural interest and potential for decorative elements or audio-visual equipment.

The expansive windows, adorned with practical yet stylish white shutter blinds, offer ample natural light and privacy control. At night, the recessed ceiling lights cast a warm and welcoming glow, perfect for cozy evenings in. The neutral color palette is a blank canvas for new owners to imprint their style, complemented by the luxurious carpet that lays a foundation of warmth and texture.

A sophisticated electric fireplace is a highlight, ready to become the heart of the room with its sleek design and ambient lighting, providing a focal point around which the new homeowners can arrange their furnishings. The space is generous, affording the flexibility to accommodate a variety of seating arrangements, from sumptuous sofas to chic armchairs, depending on personal taste and lifestyle needs.

This lounge is a harmonious blend of form and function, offering a serene backdrop for both quiet moments and social gatherings, a perfect reflection of contemporary living within this beautiful detached dorma bungalow.

Entrance Hall

Bedroom One (3.37 (3.38) x 3.63)

Bedroom one is a spacious and elegantly appointed room that offers a harmonious blend of comfort and modern style. It is a light-filled space, thanks to the large window that ensures a bright atmosphere throughout the day. The contemporary design is accentuated by the plush carpeting which provides a luxurious underfoot feel.

The room is well-proportioned, offering ample space for a large bed and additional furniture, making it a versatile space that can be customized to fit the new owner's needs. It could serve as a tranquil adult retreat, a guest room, or a teenager's bedroom, complete with areas for study and relaxation.

Neutral tones on the walls give a sense of calm and are a perfect canvas for any additional personal touches or decor styles. The room's layout and size offer a variety of furnishing options, providing a perfect blend of function and sophistication, ready to be tailored to the homeowner's lifestyle.

Bedroom Two (2.72 x 3.24 (3.25))

Bedroom two in this detached dorma bungalow offers a tranquil setting suitable for relaxation and personal time. The room is generously sized, allowing for a comfortable sleeping area with additional space that could serve as a study corner or reading nook.

The walls are painted in a soothing neutral tone, providing a versatile backdrop that will easily adapt to any decorative style. A large window, fitted with stylish blinds, ensures the room is bathed in natural light, enhancing the feeling of spaciousness. The soft carpeting underfoot adds a layer of comfort and warmth, creating a cosy atmosphere.

Designed with contemporary living in mind, this bedroom has the potential to be personalized to the homeowner's taste. Whether as a restful guest room, a teenager's haven, or a hobby room, this space is an inviting canvas awaiting the new owner's touch.

Bedroom Three (4.62 x 5.54)

Bedroom three of this detached dorma bungalow is a well-proportioned, inviting space that combines the comfort and practicality essential for a bedroom. The room features ample space for a double bed and additional furnishings, making it ideal for both rest and personal time.

Neutral walls and plush carpeting provide a serene canvas that will complement any interior design aesthetic. The room is well-lit by both natural light, streaming in through a large window with adjustable blinds for privacy, and an array of recessed ceiling lights for a bright and welcoming atmosphere at any time of day.

The space is designed to accommodate built-in or free standing wardrobes, offering potential for ample storage solutions. This room is an excellent opportunity for homeowners to create a cosy guest room, a child's bedroom, or a home office, adaptable to changing needs over time. The layout and dimensions allow for personal customization, ensuring that the room can be tailored to the specific tastes and requirements of the homeowner.


The en suite bathroom of this property is a modern sanctuary, designed to provide both style and functionality. With its marble-effect wall tiling and complementary dark floor tiles, it offers a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. The clean lines of the vanity unit with integrated sink are enhanced by the dark hue, which contrasts beautifully with the lighter walls and provides ample storage for toiletries.

A large, oval mirror adds depth to the room, and a contemporary heated towel rail ensures that warmth and comfort are always within reach. The shower area, enclosed by a clear glass screen, features a modern, high-quality shower system, complete with a handheld attachment for versatility. Recessed ceiling lights illuminate the space, casting a soft glow that highlights the luxurious finishes.

The toilet is discreetly positioned, and the window dressed with blinds provides both natural light and privacy. This en suite is not only a practical addition to the master bedroom but a statement of elegance that enhances the overall experience of the home.

Furthermore there are sleek bluetooth speakers built into the ceilings for home entertainment.

Shower Room (2.54 x 3.10)

The shower room of this home is the embodiment of modern elegance and convenience. Clad with marble-effect tiling that graces the walls and floor, it creates a continuous, luxurious aesthetic reminiscent of a high-end spa. The walk-in shower, enclosed by a minimalist glass screen, is equipped with a contemporary shower system that promises a refreshing experience.

Recessed ceiling lights provide a bright and clean atmosphere, while a heated towel rail is strategically placed for warmth and accessibility. The vanity unit, with its sleek design and matching grey finish, complements the room's modern decor and provides ample storage space. A smartly placed mirror enhances the room's spacious feel, reflecting the light and sophisticated design elements.

This shower room, with its stylish fixtures and finishes, offers a tranquil space for rejuvenation, adding to the property's overall appeal with its emphasis on comfort and style.

Furthermore there are sleek bluetooth speakers built into the ceilings for home entertainment.

Utility Room (3.28 x 3.01 (3.02))

The utility room within this distinguished property is a model of modern efficiency and sleek design. Clad in a monochrome palette, the room is both practical and stylish, featuring high-quality units that offer abundant storage for laundry essentials and household items. The streamlined cabinetry in a sophisticated grey tone complements the light flooring, creating a cohesive look that is both clean and contemporary.

A skylight window punctuates the space with natural light, ensuring that even the most functional of tasks are carried out in a bright and airy environment. The worktops provide ample space for organizing, folding laundry, or housing additional appliances, and the layout is designed for ease of movement and functionality.

This utility room is an indispensable addition to the home, providing a discrete area for the day-to-day workings of a busy household, all while maintaining the property's overarching sense of elegance and order.

Guest WC

Master Bedroom (3.37 (3.38) x 7.69 (7.70))

The master bedroom in this beautifully presented detached dorma bungalow is a testament to spacious and contemporary living. Situated under the eaves, the room boasts a generous floor area complemented by the charm of vaulted ceilings and recessed lighting, creating a bright and airy space that promises rest and relaxation.

Natural light is no stranger here, with skylights inviting the day, enriching the neutral-toned walls and plush carpeting that extend a warm welcome to bare feet. The room's dimensions offer ample space for a king-sized bed and additional furniture, allowing new homeowners the freedom to create their own personal haven.

Temperature control is effortlessly handled by a modern radiator, ensuring comfort throughout the seasons. The room's layout provides a versatile canvas for a variety of bedroom furnishings and is adaptable to any taste, whether one prefers minimalist chic or an opulent suite.

This master bedroom doesn't just offer a place to sleep; it provides a spacious retreat away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, ensuring a peaceful environment for homeowners to recharge and dream.

Dressing Room

The dressing room within this property is a spacious and thoughtfully designed area, offering the perfect blend of functionality and style for your wardrobe needs. It features an expansive open-plan layout under the eaves, utilizing the sloped ceiling to create an intimate yet airy atmosphere.

Ample hanging space is provided by the multiple clothing rails that span the length of the room, accommodating a vast array of garments, from daily wear to more formal attire. The carpeted floor offers a plush feel underfoot, adding a touch of luxury and comfort to the space. In the centre of the room, a stylish ottoman provides a convenient seating option, ideal for dressing or planning the perfect outfit.

The room is well-lit with recessed ceiling lights, ensuring every item is easily visible. A sleek, contemporary shelving unit is available for organising accessories, shoes, and other essentials. A full-length mirror at the end of the room is essential for outfit checks, contributing to the room’s practicality.

This dressing room is not only a functional space but a personal sanctuary for fashion lovers, providing an organized and sophisticated area to store and select clothing.

Bathroom (5.17 (5.18) x 2.33 (2.34))

The bathroom in this property is a modern sanctuary of luxury and relaxation. Its spacious design is accentuated by the sloped ceilings, which feature skylights that bathe the room in natural light. The sleek, freestanding bathtub commands attention, inviting leisurely soaks, while the adjacent recessed shelf provides a convenient spot for bath essentials or decorative items.

The room's color scheme is a sophisticated blend of dark wall tones against the lighter hues of the floor, creating a contemporary contrast that is both bold and soothing. A large, walk-in shower enclosure with glass doors offers a spa-like experience, enhanced by a deluxe rainfall shower head. The bathroom also includes a chic, wall-mounted towel radiator, ensuring warm towels are always within reach.

Furthering the functional elegance, a double vanity with a clean, white finish and streamlined design provides ample space for two, complete with stylish fixtures and a wide mirror above. This bathroom doesn't just serve its purpose; it's designed to be a retreat within the home, where one can unwind in style and comfort.

Furthermore there are sleek bluetooth speakers built into the ceilings for home entertainment.

Bedroom Five (3.82 (3.81) x 3.64 (3.63))

Please note the furniture in this image is AI generated for staging purposes. Please see video tour and 360 tour for room without AI


The outdoor space of this stunning detached dorma bungalow is a verdant oasis, offering a versatile canvas for garden enthusiasts and a tranquil retreat for those seeking peace. Spanning a generous plot, the garden presents an expanse of lush lawn, ready to host family activities or to be transformed into landscaped masterpieces.

To one side, a spacious patio area provides the perfect setting for outdoor dining and entertainment, while an elegant pergola invites the possibility of climbing florals and vines to create a picturesque garden feature. The garden's perimeter is framed by mature trees and shrubbery, granting privacy and a sense of seclusion.

An additional outbuilding offers practical space for hobbies or storage, while the garden's overall size and layout present numerous opportunities for further development. Whether it's implementing a vegetable patch, creating a children's play area, or installing additional seating zones, this outdoor space is limited only by imagination.

With the backdrop of Staffordshire's serene countryside, this property's outdoor area is not just a yard; it's a blank slate waiting to be transformed into your personal sanctuary.

  • Luxuriously Renovated Dorma Bungalow
  • Five Spacious Bedrooms
  • Contemporary Open-Plan Living
  • Designer En Suite Bathroom With Built in Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers
  • Elegant Vaulted Ceilings
  • Heating Flooring
  • Tranquil Village Location
  • Expansive Garden
  • Modern Fitted Utility Room
  • Unfinished Room Extension With Plans
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